Owen Bolwell
Ecommerce Transformation Management

Painlessly upgrade & optimise your ecommerce architecture.
Shopify Plus Development - Conversion Optimisation - Customer Experience Design - Enterprise Project Management - Omni-channel Integrations

"Remove the complexity of upgrading & managing your ecommerce environment...
...and start delivering the kind of customer experience that drives extraordinary revenue growth."
Tools I use & recommend
Ecommerce architecture, customer experience & conversion optimisation for online retailers
  • Fast, simple & reliable
    This platform is the foundation of your online revenue machine. I project manage the entire process from start to finish and beyond.
  • Customer communications
    Strategically placed comms guarantee your first time customer becomes a lifelong advocate for your brand and your products
  • Deliver extraordinary experiences
    From the moment a visitor lands on your store you have full control over how they experience your brand. Answer their questions fast.
  • 99% accurate conversion tracking
    Paid acquisition is expensive, so maximise your ROI by making sure you're attribution data is accurate.
  • Social proof
    Our human nature impels us to follow the crowd and look at how others are reacting to your brand.
  • Inventory management
    More than just a simple stock counting app, this one has some surprisingly useful functions.
About Me
Experienced Head of Ecommerce & a digital transformation leader, I’ve dedicated the past decade to building profitable digital commerce businesses for Australian brands.

When you optimise your ecommerce ecosystem, improve integrations & processes and transform away from older, legacy systems, you create a solid foundation for sustainable growth into the future.

As customer acquisition & paid advertising becomes more expensive, the ability to use these improvements to deliver an extraordinary, effortless customer experience usually means the difference between a brand thriving, surviving, or not.

Extraordinary customer experiences lead to higher conversion rates, which in turn flows into the P&L as increased revenue & profitability.

With a Masters Degree in Marketing & Business, my corporate experience spans senior board level marketing management roles; operational finance & budgeting; P&L responsibility; external agency management (performance & web development); cross-border & omni-channel commerce; warehouse logistics & offshore production. An Agile methodology & continuous improvement have been central to my working life since I was first introduced to Lean & Kaizen in 2008.

The brands I choose to work with genuinely care about their people & the World we share.
"A smart, efficient ecommerce ecosystem delivers an effortless customer experience that increases conversions and maximises your ROI."
+61 417 397 959
Melbourne, Australia